AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-31Update .SRCINFO. Bump pkgrel.Jason Edson
2022-08-31Remove fix and update to Edson
2022-08-15Update for Edson
2022-08-15Clean up PKGBUILD and add .gitignoreJason Edson
2022-01-09Rebuild for point update: 3.21.1Jason Edson
2021-11-16Remove patch as it was merged upstreamJason Edson
2021-11-13Apply merge request when building to fix app launchJason Edson
2021-07-02Update deps and remove old build flagJason Edson
2021-03- Little change to PKGBUILDJason Edson
2020-12-15Update to rebuild for python3.9Jason Edson
2020-10-24Update gtksourceview depend versionJason Edson
2020-07-10Update (make)depends and remove install fileJason Edson
2020-05-06Disable python byte-compile for packagemydongistiny
2019-10-27Add missing dependency and switch to gitlabmydongistiny
2019-10-03Switch to meson build system and clean upmydongistiny
2019-06-11Update pkgver for newer commitsmydongistiny
2018-12-25Update for new version tagmydongistiny
2018-08-03Update package versionsmydongistiny
2018-06-03Fix build and update versionmydongistiny
2018-03-12Update package version. No changes.mydongistiny
2017-12-16Update source link once againmydongistiny
2017-12-13Update git source linkmydongistiny
2016-11-27Fix package version so it doesn't always rebuildmydongistiny
2016-11-20Remove python-gconf as it doesn't existmydongistiny
2016-11-20Fix python dep package namesmydongistiny
2016-11-17Update depends and files for python3mydongistiny
2016-05-22Update build to version commit gca74bdcmydongistiny
2016-04-03Update buildmydongistiny
2016-02-21Update to commit number dc6a213 from Feb 21 2016mydongistiny
2016-01-03Update to commit number 00b37a6mydongistiny
2015-11-20Add python2-gobject to the list of dependencies(thanks kotrfa)mydongistiny
2015-11-07Initial commitmydongistiny