AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-19update to v1.3.0Ripose
2024-01-28update to v1.2.2Ripose
2023-08-17update to v1.2.1Ripose
2023-08-13update to v1.2.0Ripose
2023-08-08fix libzip build failure due to deprecated functionRipose
2023-05-06update version to v1.1.0Ripose
2022-11-20updates version to v1.0.0Ripose
2022-06-06toggles -DRELEASE_BUILD=ONRipose
2022-06-06updates version to v0.5.6Ripose
2022-03-23updates version to v0.5.5-1Ripose
2022-03-19update version to v0.5.5Ripose
2022-01-19updates package to v0.5.4-1Ripose
2022-01-15fixes failing validity checkRipose
2022-01-15updates version to v0.5.4Ripose
2022-01-03updates version to v0.5.3Ripose
2021-12-23updates version to 0.5.2-2Ripose
2021-12-22updates package to v0.5.2-1Ripose
2021-12-21updates to v0.5.2Ripose
2021-09-26updates pkgbuild for v0.5.1-2Ripose
2021-09-25changes tar.gz name to include versioning to avoid conflictsRipose
2021-09-25updates to version 0.5.1-1Ripose
2021-09-11updates package for release v0.5.1Ripose
2021-08-16adds pkgbuild for memento version 0.5.0-1Ripose