AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysfix buildZhirui Dai
2023-11-21Pop rel, update todosbartus
2023-11-21Drops patchelf makedepends, not required in cmakebartus
2023-11-21Add openctm-tools to optdepends arraybartus
2023-11-21Drop deprecated gmp backend, mpirbartus
2023-11-21Drop internal deps, levmarbartus
2023-11-21Move to /usr/lib/bartus
2023-11-21Loosen the gcc12 path, preserving compiler wrappersbartus
2023-11-21Move gcc12 to makedepends arraybartus
2023-11-20test with latest commitZhirui Dai
2023-11-11fix runtimeZhirui Dai
2023-11-10fix buildZhirui Dai
2022-11-09Switch openssl-1.0 to openssl after nexus updatebartus
2022-11-07Drop the u3d dep as it's now bundeld in meshlabbartus
2022-11-05Drop submodules after switch to cmake subproject.bartus
2022-11-03git: allow "file" protocolbartus
2022-05-21Pop version to meshlab:2022.02bartus
2022-05-21Add env var configurationbartus
2021-12-13Add `cgal` & `openctm` depsbartus
2021-07-16Add xerces-c dependency for e57 file format supportbartus
2021-07-16Fix build against gcc:11bartus
2021-07-09Fix pkgver()bartus
2021-06-28Update submodulesbartus
2020-10-10Revert eigen fixbartus
2020-10-09Fix eigenbartus
2020-09-28pop versionbartus
2020-07-04Fix eigen dependencybartus
2020-06-12Fix pkgver().bartus
2020-06-08Revert "Fix gcc10 build."bartus
2020-06-08Fix gcc10 build.bartus
2020-04-02Drop upstream applied patchbartus
2020-03-22Update depends.bartus
2020-03-22Fix desktop.patchbartus
2020-01-07Fix cmake prefix.bartus
2020-01-06Suppress system `qhull` library.bartus
2020-01-04Switch to cmake (finally a "real" build system!)bartus
2019-12-10Drop upstream applied patches, quick fix for externals.bartus
2019-11-07Drop upstream merged patch.bartus
2019-10-21Update checksums and url.bartus
2019-10-21Drop unicode from `filter_func`bartus
2019-02-10update pkgverbartus
2018-12-16update dependenciesbartus
2018-08-23pop versionbartus
2018-07-04refactor dependenciesbartus
2018-07-01add IDTFConverter dependencybartus
2018-06-30pop versionbartus
2018-06-10qt(5.11) compatibility patchbartus
2018-03-18add extra xml links for help>plugin_info dialogbartus
2018-03-18recreate all patches, fix LIBDIR[Fbartus