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13 daysAHEMVladimír Vondruš
13 daysAhem.Vladimír Vondruš
13 daysDrop -Werror, causes compilation to break with -march=native and AVX512.Vladimír Vondruš
2022-08-13Version 0.18.Vladimír Vondruš
2021-11-22Update to meshoptimizer 0.17.Vladimír Vondruš
2021-06-20Update .SRCINFO.Vladimír Vondruš
2021-06-20Update to 0.16.Vladimír Vondruš
2020-12-02Update to 0.15, remove obsolete workarounds.Vladimír Vondruš
2020-05-17Update .SRCINFO.Vladimír Vondruš
2020-05-17Enable the gltfpack executable as well.Vladimír Vondruš
2020-04-18meshoptimizer v0.14.Vladimír Vondruš