AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-14update to 3.18.12 (this adds new themes)Charles Bos
2017-02-05update to Bos
2017-02-05update to 3.18.11 - this adds new themesCharles Bos
2017-02-04update to 3.18.10Charles Bos
2017-02-04update to Bos
2017-02-04update to Bos
2017-02-04update to 3.18.9Charles Bos
2017-02-01update to 3.18.8Charles Bos
2017-01-30update to 3.18.7Charles Bos
2017-01-28update to 3.18.6Charles Bos
2017-01-12update to Bos
2017-01-11add patch for removing overlay borders for maximised windows from titlebar sidesCharles Bos
2017-01-11update to 3.18.5Charles Bos
2017-01-10add patch for modal dialogues paddingCharles Bos
2017-01-09add metacity<3.20.0 and gnome-themes-standard<3.16.0 to conflictsCharles Bos
2017-01-09Initial commitCharles Bos