AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate To 0.6.1David Strawn
2019-05-17Merge pull request #9 from isomarcte/echo-java-version-on-std-errDavid Strawn
2019-05-17Echo Java Version To stderr Rather Than stdout So LSP Won't Parse ItDavid Strawn
2019-05-16Merge pull request #8 from isomarcte/echo-java-versionDavid Strawn
2019-05-16Echo Out The Full Path To The Java Version We Will UseDavid Strawn
2019-05-06Merge pull request #6 from isomarcte/0.5.2-0David Strawn
2019-05-06Update To 0.5.2David Strawn
2019-05-01Merge pull request #5 from isomarcte/0.5.1-0David Strawn
2019-05-01Update To 0.5.1David Strawn
2019-04-19Merge pull request #4 from isomarcte/fallback-to-default-javaDavid Strawn
2019-04-19Fallback To Current Java If We Can't Figure Out Which The JDK PathDavid Strawn
2019-04-19Merge pull request #2 from isomarcte/enforce-java-8-in-launcher-scriptsDavid Strawn
2019-04-19Enforce Java 8 RuntimeDavid Strawn
2019-04-19Merge pull request #1 from isomarcte/cleanup-launcher-scriptsDavid Strawn
2019-04-19Cleanup Launcher ScriptsDavid Strawn
2019-04-14Cleanup PkgbuildDavid Strawn
2019-04-13Add Patch To Fix SBT Version ErrorDavid Strawn
2019-04-12Remove References srcdirDavid Strawn
2019-04-120.5.0 ReleaseDavid Strawn
2019-04-11Add Bloop As An Optional DependencyDavid Strawn
2019-04-10Bump pkgrel because .SRCINFO was not updatedDavid Strawn
2019-04-10Add Workaround For SBT Inconsistent Resolution FailureDavid Strawn
2019-04-10Initial CommitDavid Strawn