AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-04-08Auto updated to 3.5.11Auto update bot
2023-03-30Auto updated to 3.5.10Auto update bot
2023-03-21Auto updated to 3.5.9Auto update bot
2023-03-07Auto updated to 3.5.8Auto update bot
2023-02-24auto updated to 3.5.7Auto update bot
2023-02-15auto updated to 3.5.6Auto update bot
2023-02-13auto updated to 3.5.5Auto update bot
2023-02-05auto updated to 3.5.4Auto update bot
2023-01-30auto updated to 3.5.3Auto update bot
2023-01-11auto updated to 3.5.2Auto update bot
2023-01-03auto updated to 3.5.1Auto update bot
2022-12-27auto updated to 3.5Auto update bot
2022-12-15auto updated to 3.4.11Auto update bot
2022-02-11Upd to 3.2.7heavysink
2021-12-29Bump to 3.2.6heavysink
2021-01-30Bump to 2.4.2heavysink
2020-09-19Update to 2.3.1heavysink
2020-04-27Bump to 2.2.1heavysink
2019-08-09addpkg: meteoinfoWinston Wu