AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-25Add missing libzip dependencyTheowhy
2021-01-18Update package to 1.4.72Theowhy
2020-11-09Update package to 1.4.43Theowhy
2020-05-26Version bump to 1.3.191Theowhy
2020-03-08Bump package version to 1.3.134Theowhy
2020-01-21Update PKGBUILD according to gist given by jpkottaTheowhy
2019-12-06Update dependencies to include opensslTheowhy
2019-12-06Version bump to 1.3.102Theowhy
2019-07-04Now use git source directly and bump version to 1.2.135Theowhy
2019-03-09Version bump to 1.2.91Theowhy
2019-02-15Bump version to 1.2.68Theowhy
2019-01-17Bump version to 1.2.61Theowhy
2019-01-12Bump version to 1.2.56 and add a changelog generated from git historyTheowhy
2019-01-01Initial package release. Version 1.2.39Theowhy