AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-15Correct the source line in the previous .SRCINFO updateDanny Wood
2019-08-15Update SRCINFO to 5.25Danny Wood
2019-08-15Update MPLABX to 5.25Danny Wood
2018-09-09Update to v5.05Mickaël Thomas
2018-08-02Update to v5.00Mickaël Thomas
2018-06-26Update to v4.20Mickaël Thomas
2018-03-12Update to v4.15Mickaël Thomas
2018-02-05Update to v4.10Mickaël Thomas
2017-12-01Use lib32-fakechroot from AURMickaël Thomas
2017-11-02Update to v4.05Mickaël Thomas
2017-09-15Update to v4.01Mickaël Thomas
2017-08-11Update to v4.00Mickaël Thomas
2017-07-05Fix broken symbolic linksMickaël Thomas
2017-06-27Update to v3.65Mickaël Thomas
2017-05-12Update to v3.61Mickaël Thomas
2017-04-27Update to v3.60Mickaël Thomas
2017-03-02Update to v3.55Mickaël Thomas
2017-01-22Update to v3.51Mickaël Thomas
2016-12-19Update to v3.50Mickaël Thomas
2016-11-01Rename J-Link udev rules to avoid conflcit with jlink-software-and-documentationMickaël Thomas
2016-10-28Update to v3.45Mickaël Thomas
2016-09-09Update to v3.40Mickaël Thomas
2016-06-23SRCINFOMickaël Thomas
2016-06-23Turn java-openjfx into a hard dependencyMickaël Thomas
2016-06-23Update to v3.35 and fix broken symlinksMickaël Thomas
2016-06-11Update to v3.30Mickaël Thomas
2016-03-14Update to v3.26Mickaël Thomas
2016-02-22Update to v3.25Mickaël Thomas
2016-01-08Update to v3.20Mickaël Thomas
2015-11-09Add \r to udev rule replacementMickaël Thomas
2015-11-09Update to MPLABX 3.15Mickaël Thomas
2015-09-25Improved PKGBUILDmickael9
2015-09-03Changed to version 3.10.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-20Installation of MPLABCOMM was fixed.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-09SRCINFO updated too.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-09Handling of x86_64 sources were fixed.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-03Release was increased.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-03git hook was added.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-03SRCINFO updated too.Peter Ivanov
2015-06-30Update to 3.0.5.Peter Ivanov
2015-06-23Initial import.Peter Ivanov