AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-10Version bump to 2.00Rafael Campos Las Heras
2021-05-01Version bump to 1.70Rafael Campos Las Heras
2021-01-24Version bump to 1.61Rafael Campos Las Heras
2020-08-23Version bump to 1.60Rafael Campos Las Heras
2020-03-14Version bump to 1.50Rafael Campos Las Heras
2019-11-18Version bump to 1.41Rafael Campos Las Heras
2019-02-20Version bump to 1.36BRafael Campos Las Heras
2019-01-21Version bump to 1.36.Rafael Campos Las Heras
2018-06-27Version bump to v1.35.Rafael Campos Las Heras
2018-06-27Dropped unsupported option !upx.Rafael Campos Las Heras
2018-04-18Updated .SRCINFORafael Campos Las Heras
2018-04-18Version bump to v1.34.Rafael Campos Las Heras
2018-04-18Updated maintanier.Rafael Campos Las Heras
2018-01-11Version bump and license path fix.Rafael Campos Las Heras
2017-06-06version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-12-19version bumpGrey Christoforo
2016-05-24fix up some license manager stuff and bump versionGrey Christoforo
2016-01-17bump to v1.25Grey Christoforo
2015-08-10merged in mickael9's changesGrey Christoforo
2015-06-24fix link to license fileGrey Christoforo
2015-06-21send message to user on upgrade tooGrey Christoforo
2015-06-21update srcinfoGrey Christoforo
2015-06-21fix link to license fileGrey Christoforo
2015-06-21fix install messageGrey Christoforo
2015-06-21switch to unpacking the installer binary instead of running itGrey Christoforo
2015-06-20Initial importGrey Christoforo