AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-07Update .srcinfoMichael Klimenko
2020-07-07Switch to new repo URL and update versionMichael Klimenko
2016-06-28upstream changed repo source and thus caused a version number changeshellkr
2016-06-16Removed core.symlinks falseshellkr
2016-06-16Softlinks didn't work so am using hardlinks insteadshellkr
2016-06-16Made a symlink againshellkr
2016-06-15Didn't work with symlinking the install file so had to revertshellkr
2016-06-15Removed the Minetest dependency as it would be unnecessary if you only want a...shellkr
2016-04-30correction of a changed sourceshellkr
2016-04-30correction of a changed sourceshellkr
2016-02-05corrected the provides string and srcinfoshellkr
2016-01-23initial pushshellkr