AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-04Fix commit ID, fix exports for shader APIMartchus
2016-12-03 Build samples and use extra dir for static buildMartchus
2016-11-06Fix exporting shader symbols for Qt WebKitMartchus
2016-11-06Update to 2.1.r6289.f097e23Martchus
2016-04-18updated to commit 5858f7eMartchus
2016-03-31maintain XP compatibilityMartchus
2016-03-13fixed static libsMartchus
2016-03-12added include which was accidentely removedMartchus
2016-03-12fixed checksumsMartchus
2016-03-10exported shader symbolsMartchus
2016-03-09added updated version of 32-bit *.def fileMartchus
2016-02-27small adjustmentsMartchus
2016-02-22updated to 2.1.r5571.7a533f7Martchus
2015-06-12Initial importPhilip A Reimer