AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-23nit - remove spaceVaporeon
2022-10-23Update to 1.4.2Vaporeon
2022-10-10Fix mingw-w64-gstreamer and use git to obtain sourceVaporeon
2022-10-08Update to 1.4.1Vaporeon
2022-09-12Update to 1.4.0Vaporeon
2022-07-18Update package to match other cmake mingw packages. No bump as output has not...Vaporeon
2022-06-27Refactor PKGBUILDVaporeon
2022-06-27Update to 1.3.4 and switch to cmake build system.Vaporeon
2017-04-071.3.2Michel Zou
2015-06-08Initial importxantares