AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-19Update to 0.10.6kfg
2023-06-02Update to 0.10.5kfg
2022-09-08Update to 0.10.4kfg
2022-09-06Update to 0.10.3kfg
2022-09-02Update to 0.10.2kfg
2022-08-30Update to 0.10.1kfg
2022-08-27Update to 0.10.0kfg
2021-08-30Update to 0.9.6kfg
2020-09-25Update to 0.9.5kfg
2020-04-17Update to 0.9.4kfg
2019-12-11Update to 0.9.3kfg
2019-12-06Reenable static buildkfg
2019-11-19Update to 0.9.2kfg
2019-10-26Update to 0.9.1kfg
2019-07-01Update to 0.9.0kfg
2019-02-25Update to 0.8.7kfg
2019-01-08Update to 0.8.6kfg
2018-10-29Update to 0.8.5kfg
2018-10-16Update to 0.8.4kfg
2018-09-21Update to 0.8.3kfg
2018-08-30Update to 0.8.2kfg
2018-08-26Update to 0.8.1kfg
2018-08-01Also update .SRCINFO...kfg
2018-08-01Update sourcekfg
2017-05-25Update to 0.7.5kfg
2017-02-09Update to 0.7.4kfg
2016-02-27Update to 0.7.3kfg
2015-12-26Strip librarieskfg
2015-12-26Improved pkg-config patch and added Martchus fix_check_include_files patchkfg
2015-11-12Added patch for including pkg-config files when building with mingwkfg
2015-11-01Update to 0.7.2kfg
2015-10-15Update to 0.7.1kfg
2015-06-10Initial importkfg