AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-18toolchain generator: don't crash if *FLAGS aren't setNicola Murino
2019-12-08add sys_root to the cross file and install meson-cross-file-generatorNicola Murino
2019-12-08use *flags from mingw-w64-environmentNicola Murino
2019-12-02update build flagsNicola Murino
2019-11-17linker flags: add -Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-neededNicola Murino
2019-11-17add mingw-w64-cmake as optdependsNicola Murino
2019-11-17add cmake to binariesNicola Murino
2019-11-17update link args for the new crtNicola Murino
2019-09-08allows to override the strip optionNicola Murino
2019-05-05allows to disable ltoNicola Murino
2019-01-07readd -Wp for preprocessor optionNicola Murino
2019-01-07add -fno-plt to cflagsNicola Murino
2018-09-03fix sha256sum for toolchain-mingwNicola Murino
2018-09-03use gcc-ranlib tooNicola Murino
2018-09-03Use gcc-ar instead of arMartchus
2018-06-13remove conflicting cflagsNicola Murino
2018-05-14cross file is now configurableNicola Murino
2018-05-11depends on mingw-w64-wineNicola Murino
2018-05-10wine is now a dependsNicola Murino
2018-05-10add a wrapper scriptNicola Murino
2018-05-08add arch's cflagsNicola Murino
2018-04-23Initial versionNicola Murino