AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-02Version bump: 3.1.3Ivan Puntiy
2019-11-02Handle unrecognized `--enable-static` in the upstream documented wayIvan Puntiy
2018-12-11wxWidgets 3.1.2Ivan Puntiy
2018-12-11_shortverIvan Puntiy
2018-12-11.gitignoreIvan Puntiy
2018-03-17pkgrel bumpIvan Puntiy
2018-03-17Restored temporal consitencyIvan Puntiy
2018-03-05cleanupIvan Puntiy
2018-03-05Version bump: 3.1.1Ivan Puntiy
2017-03-05Pull changes from stable branchIvan Puntiy
2017-03-04Build fix (workaround)Ivan Puntiy
2017-03-04SHA1 => SHA256Ivan Puntiy
2017-03-04Added 'mingw-w64-expat' as dependencyIvan Puntiy
2016-09-01Keep the wxrcIvan Puntiy
2016-09-01Reverted back to monolithic buildIvan Puntiy
2016-08-31GCC6 fix && PKGBUILD cleanupIvan Puntiy
2016-05-13Forked out dev branchIvan Puntiy
2014-10-08mingw-w64-wxmsw 3.0.2-1Ivan Puntiy
2014-10-06mingw-w64-wxmsw 3.0.1-2Ivan Puntiy