AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-16Bump version to 2.0.32Thor77
2021-06-10Bump version to 2.0.31Thor77
2021-05-08Bump version to 2.0.30Thor77
2021-04-03Merge systemd unit changes from upstreamThor77
2021-04-03Merge systemd unit changes from upstreamThor77
2021-03-23Bump version to 2.0.29Thor77
2021-02-16Bump version to 2.0.28Thor77
2021-01-10Bump version to 2.0.27Thor77
2020-12-06Bump version to 2.0.26Thor77
2020-11-08Apply patch from @sominiThor77
2020-11-04Bump version to 2.0.25Thor77
2020-10-29Add VERSION make parameterThor77
2020-10-29Fix issues due to repo rename to miniflux/v2Thor77
2020-10-29Fix sha256sums and add VERSION envvar for makeThor77
2020-10-04Bump version to 2.0.24Thor77
2020-09-22Fix sha256sum for miniflux.serviceThor77
2020-09-21Allow postgresql installation on separate hostThor77
2020-09-08Install miniflux.1 manpageThor77
2020-08-17Apply patch by sominiThor77
2020-08-16Bump version to 2.0.23Thor77
2020-06-19Bump version to 2.0.22Thor77
2020-03-29Bump version to 2.0.21Thor77
2020-03-16Remove unnecessary godep dependencyThor77
2019-09-262.0.18Clar Fon
2019-08-062.0.17Clar Fon
2019-06-202.0.16Clar Fon
2019-05-072.0.15.Clar Fon
2019-01-30armv5.Clar Fon
2019-01-292.0.14-3Clar Fon
2019-01-29Fix ARMClar Fon
2019-01-15SRCINFOClar Fon
2019-01-152.0.14, fix targetsClar Fon
2019-01-01Add more targets, require network-online.targetClar Fon
2018-11-262.0.13Clar Fon
2018-11-10Fix buildClar Fon
2018-10-28Make linux-amd64Clar Fon
2018-10-282.0.12Clar Fon
2018-10-16SRCINFOClar Fon
2018-10-162.0.11Clar Fon
2018-07-232.0.10Clar Charr
2018-07-14Initial commitClar Charr