AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-08Update depsMarius Lindvall
2022-03-08Update to v3.0.11Marius Lindvall
2022-01-03Update to v3.0.9Marius Lindvall
2021-12-16Update to v3.0.8Marius Lindvall
2021-06-22Fix for OpenJDK 16Marius Lindvall
2021-01-02Removed EULA integrity checking due to dynamic updatesMarius Lindvall
2020-12-05Allow launching with Java 8Marius Lindvall
2020-12-05Use latest JRE to match JFXMarius Lindvall
2020-12-05Use latest JavaMarius Lindvall
2020-05-16Update to latest version and fix scripts and structureMarius Lindvall
2019-07-28update version 2miziakmwa
2019-07-28update versionmiziakmwa
2019-07-28update pkgmiziakmwa
2019-06-08cleanup of PKGBUILD codemiziakmwa
2019-06-08initial miniongg app PKGBUILDmiziakmwa