AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-04Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2021-07-16Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2020-12-17Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2020-03-28Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2019-10-12Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2018-09-06upgpkg: minisatip 0.5.69-3Tomasz Maciej Nowak
2017-02-24add EAC3 supportTomasz Maciej Nowak
2017-02-03upgpkg: 5.69Tomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-03-13change homepageTomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-02-04no need to download patch, already in git historyTomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-01-28sigh, can't do a cherry-pick without setting up gitTomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-01-08don't export flags, provide them when calling makeTomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-01-04respect user flags, add aarch64 and pkgver functionTomasz Maciej Nowak
2015-11-17switch to 0.4.x versionTomasz Maciej Nowak
2015-11-14forgot to modify .SRCINFOTomasz Maciej Nowak
2015-11-14fix pkgdescTomasz Maciej Nowak
2015-11-14Initial commitTomasz Maciej Nowak