AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysImprove check()Daniel Peukert
2024-01-28Sync pkgbuilds repo with AURDaniel Peukert
2023-04-01Update 32-bit architectures based on available dependencies and binariesDaniel Peukert
2023-03-01Get rid of ARM v5 and v6, as no Arch-based distro supports themDaniel Peukert
2022-11-05Switch remaining packages to sha512Daniel Peukert
2020-02-11Small PKGBUILD fixesDaniel Peukert
2020-02-04Updated arch definitionsDaniel Peukert
2019-12-16Revert "Updated checksum placeholders"Daniel Peukert
2019-12-16Updated checksum placeholdersDaniel Peukert
2019-12-08Improved PKGBUILD syntaxDaniel Peukert
2019-11-21Initial commitDaniel Peukert