AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-06updated to version 1.6.4Sam Burgos
2021-06-14updated to version 1.6.3Sam Burgos
2021-01-03updated to version 1.5.9Sam Burgos
2020-12-25updated to version 1.5.8Sam Burgos
2020-05-03updated to version 1.5.5Sam Burgos
2019-11-24updated to version 1.5.3Sam Burgos
2019-07-23updated to version 1.5.2Sam Burgos
2018-11-27updated to version 1.5.1Sam Burgos
2018-06-26standarized PKGBUILD to newer template as well as make a cleanupSam Burgos
2018-06-20updated to version 1.5.0Sam Burgos
2018-06-06updated to version 1.4.9Sam Burgos
2018-05-06updated to version 1.4.8Sam Burgos
2018-05-02updated to version 1.4.7Sam Burgos
2017-11-20updated to version 1.4.6Sam Burgos
2017-11-12updated to version 1.4.5Sam Burgos
2017-11-07updated to version 1.4.4Sam Burgos
2017-06-13updated to version 1.4.3Sam Burgos
2017-05-29updated PKGBUILD for mint-x-iconsSam Burgos
2017-05-29changes on PKGBUILD structureSam Burgos
2017-05-29changes on PKGBUILD structure and removing install file since it is no longer...Sam Burgos
2017-05-11updated to version 1.4.2Sam Burgos
2017-03-21updated email information, package comment based on LinuxMint github page and...Sam Burgos
2017-02-04updated to version 1.4.0Sam Burgos
2016-09-01updated to 1.3.9 versionSam Burgos
2016-08-31updated to version 1.3.8Sam Burgos
2016-06-16updated package descriptionSam Burgos
2016-06-16updated to version 1.3.7Sam Burgos