AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysupdated to version 1.5.7, also cleaning leftover codeSantiago Burgos
2023-03-29updated to version 1.5.6Sam Burgos
2023-01-06updated to version 1.5.5Santiago Burgos
2022-12-16updated to version 1.5.4Sam Burgos
2022-12-13updated to version 1.5.3Sam Burgos
2022-08-19switched exfat-utils for exfatprogs to update dependenciesSam Burgos
2022-08-12updated to version 1.5.0Sam Burgos
2022-06-28editing packages names to reflect newer changes on upstreamSam Burgos
2022-06-28updated to version 1.4.9Sam Burgos
2021-12-01updated to version 1.4.7Sam Burgos
2021-06-27updated to version 1.4.6Sam Burgos
2021-06-03updated to version 1.4.5Sam Burgos
2020-06-18updated to version 1.4.4Sam Burgos
2020-05-23updated to version 1.4.2Sam Burgos
2019-11-24updated to version 1.4.1 and migrated dependencies to python3Sam Burgos
2019-07-02updated to version 1.4.0Sam Burgos
2018-12-03updated dependenciesSam Burgos
2018-12-01updated to version 1.3.9Sam Burgos
2018-11-16updated dependenciesSam Burgos
2018-07-09added python2-gobject and python-gobject as newer dependencies, this should s...Sam Burgos
2018-06-27created mintstick PKGBUILD with version 1.3.8Sam Burgos