AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-27Update url and source repositoryAndrey Vihrov
2019-05-27Add dependency on gnome-icon-theme as Mist inherits itAndrey Vihrov
2017-09-16Update to latest git commitAndrey Vihrov
2017-01-04Add Esperanto translation from git masterAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-11Use pacman hooksAndrey Vihrov
2016-03-12Update download URLAndrey Vihrov
2015-08-13Revert "Use xdg-icon-resource instead of gtk-update-icon-cache"Andrey Vihrov
2015-08-13Use xdg-icon-resource instead of gtk-update-icon-cacheAndrey Vihrov
2015-06-14Initial importAndrey Vihrov