AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-30Switch from Qt 5 to Qt 6Jan Holthuis
2023-08-30Add dependencies for googletest and benchmarkJan Holthuis
2023-08-27Bump version to r8850-1Jan Holthuis
2023-08-03Add `check()` function to `PKGBUILD` to run testsJan Holthuis
2023-08-03Add `aarch64` to `arch` arrayJan Holthuis
2022-07-03Add microsoft-gsl to dependency listJan Holthuis
2021-06-07Add qt5-quickcontrols(2) dependencies for experimental QML skinsJan Holthuis
2021-05-06Add missing qt5-translations dependencyJan Holthuis
2021-04-08PKGBUILD: Enable KeyFinderJan Holthuis
2021-01-12Reload udev rules after installationJan Holthuis
2021-01-12Fix some dependencies, don't build testsJan Holthuis
2021-01-03improve udev rule installationGimmeapill
2020-12-31dependencies added: wavpack, ttf-opensans, ttf-ubuntu-font-familyGimmeapill
2020-12-26qt5-script dependency removedGimmeapill
2020-12-25udev rule installation path correctedGimmeapill
2020-12-21cmake flags updateGimmeapill
2020-12-16dependency fixGimmeapill
2020-12-15fixed a typoGimmeapill
2020-12-15scons replaced with cmake, updated dependenciesGimmeapill
2020-11-08updated dependenciesGimmeapill
2019-12-17re-added lv2Gimmeapill
2019-12-17enabled ffmpegGimmeapill
2019-12-13minor tweaksGimmeapill
2019-11-16added lv2 dependencyGimmeapill
2018-12-25added git qt5-x11extras dep.Gimmeapill
2018-11-06Updated version function to exclude the tag and keep only the revision - to a...Gimmeapill
2018-09-15added regreddit as contributorGimmeapill
2018-09-10more dependency cleanupGimmeapill
2018-09-09updated to qt5, following upstream changesGimmeapill
2018-05-03enabled module support by popular requestGimmeapill
2017-12-15dependencies cleanupGimmeapill
2016-10-15enabled m4a support, cleaned up redundant dependencies reported by namcapGimmeapill
2016-09-17removed dependency on upower by building with battery=0)Gimmeapill
2016-01-16update to newest packaging standardsGimmeapill
2016-01-03Updated dependencies and build fags for v.2.0Gimmeapill
2016-01-03Updated dependencies and build fags for v.2.0Gimmeapill
2016-01-03Updated dependencies and build fags for v.2.0Gimmeapill
2015-06-25version bumpGimmeapill
2015-06-25version bumpGimmeapill
2015-06-24First commit.Gimmeapill