AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-27Update to v1.5.0Corey Hinshaw
2019-09-18Split hook code from AUR repoCorey Hinshaw
2019-09-17Update to support tpm2-tools 4Corey Hinshaw
2019-05-01Add optional parent object password promptCorey Hinshaw
2018-12-01Use correct TCTI env varCorey Hinshaw
2018-11-30Fix TCTI device regression in tpm2-toolsCorey Hinshaw
2018-10-10Fix stderr redirection for certain commandsCorey Hinshaw
2018-10-10Securely remove keyfile from memoryCorey Hinshaw
2018-10-07Add option to extend PCR after unsealCorey Hinshaw
2018-10-03Initial commitCorey Hinshaw