AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-20New upstream commits.Matthew T Hoare
2017-12-10Fixed T Hoare
2017-11-01New upstream commits + rebuild against new version of musl.Matthew T Hoare
2017-10-16New upstream commits.Matthew T Hoare
2017-10-13New upstream commits.Matthew T Hoare
2017-10-12New upstream commits.Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-29New upstream release.Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-23Clarified pkgdesc.Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-21namcap was wrong...Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-20Make namcap happy.Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-20Switched to musl-based build.Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-20New upstream commit.Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-11R56Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-06Corrected post_remove().Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-06Added /usr/bin/mksh to /etc/shells to prevent pkexec error; also added post_u...Matthew T Hoare
2017-08-03Corrected pkgverMatthew T Hoare
2017-07-31Extended description.Matthew T Hoare
2017-07-30Added other AUR mksh packages to conflicts array.Matthew T Hoare
2017-07-30Added pkgver().Matthew T Hoare
2017-07-30First build for development (git) version of mksh. statically-linked.Matthew T Hoare