AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-07Added in QT6 compatibilitiesEvert Vorster
2023-05-21License correction, and better versioningEvert Vorster
2023-01-08Properly handle the glaxnimate submoduleEvert Vorster
2023-01-08Added SWIG for Python, and some descriptionsEvert Vorster
2022-09-28updated requirementsEvert Vorster
2022-09-28replaced python2 with pythonEvert Vorster
2022-06-16Added in the glaxnimate submodule. Not figured out how to do the sources prop...Evert Vorster
2022-05-05Fixed up dependenciesEvert Vorster
2021-05-18cmake buildevorster
2016-09-08Generate SRCINFO with `makepkg --printsrcinfo`nfnty
2016-08-24Renamed `srcname` to `_srcname`, Simplified `url` and `source`nfnty
2016-04-11Add makedepends movitnfnty
2016-02-24Move build commands to build()nfnty
2016-02-15Refactor pkgver()nfnty
2015-07-26Initial commitnfnty