AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-09Fix patch URLAlex Dewar
2021-09-25Make TTS and google translate support optionalAlex Dewar
2021-07-12fix sha256sumsAlex Dewar
2021-06-29v2.8Alex Dewar
2020-12-11v2.7.3Alex Dewar
2019-11-28Change of maintainerAlex Dewar
2019-11-27v2.7Alex Dewar
2019-04-14Update depsMarcin Mielniczuk
2018-11-12Update to 2.6.1Marcin Mielniczuk
2017-12-14Update checksum and remove work-aroundsmls
2017-12-11bump to version 2.6 (which was released an hour ago)smls
2017-08-09add --optimize=1 to the install optionssmls
2017-07-14bump to 2.5smls
2017-04-28add python-cheroot to optdependssmls
2017-02-02bump to 2.4.1smls
2016-12-21add dependencysmls
2016-12-16add dependencysmls
2016-12-12fix small oversightsmls
2016-12-12bump to 2.4smls
2016-05-19fix md5smls
2016-05-17bump to 2.3.6smls
2015-12-09bump to 2.3.5smls
2015-10-06bump to 2.3.4smls
2015-07-09Initial importsmls