AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-02Bump release for Python 3.11Emma Caldeira
2023-02-17New version: 4.9.4Emma Caldeira
2022-09-13Bump release to rebuild for Python 3.10Emma Caldeira
2022-07-28New version: 4.9.3Emma Caldeira
2022-06-04New version: 4.9.2Emma Caldeira
2021-09-29New version: 4.9.0Emma Caldeira
2021-05-27New version: 4.8.0Emma Caldeira
2021-02-02Release bump due to new major python updateEmma Caldeira
2020-05-04Amend .SRCINFO changeEmma Caldeira
2020-05-04New version: 4.7.1Emma Caldeira
2020-05-01Dropped from reposAntonio Rojas