AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-05mold-git: Sync && fix pkgverPeter Jung
2023-09-21PKGBUILD: use _reponame instead of reponamePeter Jung
2022-09-27Use cmake, use mold to link moldPeter Jung
2022-06-25Change to default clang as compiler, fix check, enable debugPeter Jung
2022-06-25add system tbb back to makefile after arch patched tbbPeter Jung
2022-06-23sync with arch's PKGBUILD; dont use system tbb since its in testing right nowPeter Jung
2022-06-17remove TBB since the upstream one has bugs, it will use the internal one from...Peter Jung
2022-06-15remove XXHASH as make and correct providesPeter Jung
2022-02-14Add git to makedependsJackalope
2021-12-31Build 1.0.1Jackalope
2021-09-23bump srcinfoJackalope
2021-09-23Fix wrapper libraryJackalope
2021-08-13Fix buildbin
2021-03-30Add a prepare() function that handles git submodulesAlexander F. Rødseth
2021-02-23Initial commitAlexander F. Rødseth