AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 days4.1.0Étienne Deparis
2019-05-144.0.0Étienne Deparis
2019-02-193.1.0Étienne Deparis
2018-11-053.0.0Étienne Deparis
2018-09-052.3.0Étienne Deparis
2018-06-062.2.2Étienne Deparis
2018-06-03Fix makepkg --nobuild -cÉtienne Deparis
2018-05-31Upgrade to 2.2.0Étienne Deparis
2018-03-13New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-03-01New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-02-17New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2018-02-11New versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-11-03New releaseÉtienne Deparis
2017-10-10Bump versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-08-08New version 1.6.0Étienne Deparis
2017-06-11New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-03-31Bump to 1.4.2Étienne Deparis
2017-02-09New version 1.2.2 - Fix #2Étienne Deparis
2017-01-27New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2017-01-04New release and remove old commentÉtienne Deparis
2016-12-08Remove anoying warning due to weird folder permissionsÉtienne Deparis
2016-12-07New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2016-10-11Definitely hide appimage generated desktop fileÉtienne Deparis
2016-10-11FuuuuuuÉtienne Deparis
2016-10-11Oupsie. Forgot to change binary call in starter scriptÉtienne Deparis
2016-10-11New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2016-09-27Add gconf dependancyÉtienne Deparis
2016-09-06Avoid useless question about adding a start iconÉtienne Deparis
2016-08-24New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2016-07-26Add !strip option to avoid corrupt appimageÉtienne Deparis
2016-07-26New pkgbuild versionÉtienne Deparis
2016-07-26New package for molotov TVÉtienne Deparis