AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-21Bump to v0.15.0.1anonimal
2019-11-06Remove directory traversal for sysfiles/tmpfilesanonimal
2019-11-06Add sysfiles/tmpfiles to source + add checksumsanonimal
2019-11-05Bump to v0.15.0.0 + install cleanupanonimal
2019-07-19Bump to v0.14.1.2anonimal
2019-07-03Add missing monero-blockchain-* binaries to installanonimal
2019-07-03Add HIDAPI to depends for ledger supportanonimal
2019-06-14Bump to v0.14.1.0anonimal
2019-03-07Bump to v0.14.0.2anonimal
2019-03-04Bump to v0.14.0.1anonimal
2019-02-21Bump to v0.14.0.0anonimal
2019-01-21Apply fix to miner, now builds with Boost 1.69anonimal
2018-11-03Bump to v0.13.0.4anonimal
2018-10-17Bump to v0.13.0.3anonimal
2018-10-14PKGBUILD: *fully* disable building of testsanonimal
2018-10-13PKGBUILD: disable building/running of testsanonimal
2018-10-13Bump to v0.13.0.2anonimal
2018-07-12Bump to v0.12.3.0anonimal
2018-06-12v0.12.2.0: PKGBUILD: force update submodulesanonimal
2018-06-11v0.12.2.0: add patch to build with boost 1.67anonimal
2018-06-11PKGBUILD: update email addressanonimal
2018-06-05Bump to v0.12.2.0anonimal
2018-05-26Bump to v0.12.1.0anonimal
2018-05-23v0.12.0.0: remove cmake-wallet.patchanonimal
2018-03-28Bump to v0.12.0.0anonimal
2017-11-08v0.11.1.0: implement wallet CMake patch for RPCanonimal
2017-11-08CMake: remove unnecessary/deprecated build optionsanonimal
2017-10-30v0.11.1.0: reintroduce master branch service fileanonimal
2017-10-25Bump to v0.11.1.0anonimal
2017-09-26Bump pkgrel to v0.11.0.0-2, related updatesanonimal
2017-09-12PKGBUILD: fix typo for 'daemon'anonimal
2017-09-08Bump to v0.11.0.0anonimal
2017-09-07PKGBUILD: add aarch64, cleanup dependsanonimal
2017-03-27Bump to v0.10.3.1anonimal
2017-02-24v0.10.2.1: bump to patched release of v0.10.2anonimal
2017-02-24v0.10.2: bump to new point releaseanonimal
2016-12-14v0.10.1: update AUR .SRCINFOanonimal
2016-12-14v0.10.1: bump to new point releaseanonimal
2016-09-21v0.10.0: initial fork from bitmonero-gitanonimal
2016-09-20bump version to 0.10.0redfish
2016-09-18libwallet: exclude bin/ folder from installationredfish
2016-09-17makedepends: add gtestredfish
2016-09-17check: exclude DNS tests that often failredfish
2016-09-03update .SRCINFO with removed .install from sourcesredfish
2016-09-03remove .install from sources listredfish
2016-09-03apply rebranding renames from #1039redfish
2016-09-03update upstream URL: repo has been renamedredfish
2016-09-03explicitly enable building libwallet (since #1038)redfish
2016-09-03provide -git to fix installing monero-core-git via yaourtredfish
2016-09-03split libmonero_wallet for monero-core GUIredfish