AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysUpdate to 4.4.0Ali Molaei
2020-06-22Update to 4.2.8Ali Molaei
2020-05-31Update to 4.2.7Ali Molaei
2020-04-29Update to 4.2.6Ali Molaei
2020-03-29Updatet to 4.2.5Ali Molaei
2020-02-01Update to 4.2.3Ali Molaei
2019-12-31Update to 4.2.2Ali Molaei
2019-10-19Update to 4.2.1, make checksums for different archs correct thanks to monsonAli Molaei
2019-08-17Update to 4.2.0Ali Molaei
2019-08-16Update to 4.0.12Ali Molaei
2019-07-28Update to 4.0.11, Add support for aarch64 architecture, Update config to new ...Ali Molaei
2019-05-31Update to 4.0.10Ali Molaei
2019-04-18Update to 4.0.9Ali Molaei
2019-03-30Update to 4.0.8Ali Molaei
2019-03-26Update to 4.0.7Ali Molaei
2019-02-14Use ubuntu xenial debs instead of general linux binaries of mongodb, due to n...Ali Molaei
2019-02-12Added mongodb-compass to optional deps, Removed install_compass script since ...Ali Molaei
2019-02-12Add optional dependancies for mongoreplay and install_compass, update package...Ali Molaei
2019-02-07update SRCINFOAli Molaei
2019-02-07Add LICENSE, Update to 4.0.6, Disguise maintainer emailAli Molaei
2019-01-28Initial commit of mongodb-binAli Molaei