AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-30Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.42.6-beta.4Daniel Peukert
2024-04-24Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.42.6-beta.2 (closes #498)Daniel Peukert
2024-02-26Add compas config file to backup arrayDaniel Peukert
2024-02-26Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.42.2-beta.4, add default config file, disabl...Daniel Peukert
2024-02-15Remove unnecessary patch from mongodb-compass-gitDaniel Peukert
2024-02-12Update mongodb-compass to 1.42.0, mongodb-compass-beta to 1.42.1-beta.2Daniel Peukert
2024-01-28Sync pkgbuilds repo with AURDaniel Peukert
2024-01-22Remove electron28 bug workaroundDaniel Peukert
2024-01-21Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.42.0-beta.5Daniel Peukert
2024-01-04Update mongodb-compass patchesDaniel Peukert
2023-10-12Update mongodb-compass to 1.40.3, mongodb-compass-beta to 1.40.3-beta.4Daniel Peukert
2023-10-08Fix mongodb-compass build correctlyDaniel Peukert
2023-10-07Update electron version for mongodb-compass-gitDaniel Peukert
2023-09-30Update mongodb-compass to 1.40.2, mongodb-compass-beta to 1.40.2-beta.0Daniel Peukert
2023-09-10Update mongodb-compass to 1.39.4, mongodb-compass-beta to 1.39.4-beta.2Daniel Peukert
2023-08-27Remove unnecessary mongodb-compass-git build fixDaniel Peukert
2023-08-27Actually fix mongodb-compass buildDaniel Peukert
2023-08-27Fix mongodb-compass buildDaniel Peukert
2023-07-08Update mongodb compass ARM dep noteDaniel Peukert
2023-07-08Update mongodb-compass npm depDaniel Peukert
2023-06-21Update mongodb-compass to 1.38.0Daniel Peukert
2023-06-19Get rid of electron dep version check for mongodb-compassDaniel Peukert
2023-06-19Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.38.0-beta.3, update electron dependenciesDaniel Peukert
2023-05-26Fix mongodb-compass build, update mongodb-compass to 1.37.0Daniel Peukert
2023-04-01Add mongodb-compass electron version restriction, add some arch noticesDaniel Peukert
2023-04-01Update 32-bit architectures based on available dependencies and binariesDaniel Peukert
2023-02-08Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.35.1-beta.3, fix argv handlingDaniel Peukert
2022-11-08Fix mongodb-compass build on node v19Daniel Peukert
2022-08-31Fix mongodb-compass build againDaniel Peukert
2022-08-31Fix mongodb-compass buildDaniel Peukert
2022-08-11Use GitHub as a source for mongodb-compass browserslist patchDaniel Peukert
2022-08-10Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.33.0-beta.2Daniel Peukert
2022-08-05Fix mongodb-compass build with current nodejs versionDaniel Peukert
2022-05-29Update mongodb-compass to 1.31.3, mongodb-compass-beta to 1.32.0-beta.2, patc...Daniel Peukert
2022-03-08Update hadron-build patch for mongodb-compass-gitDaniel Peukert
2021-11-24Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.29.5-beta.13, change node dep to v16Daniel Peukert
2021-11-10Add minimum node dep version to mongodb-compassDaniel Peukert
2021-11-10Update mongodb-compass-git build processDaniel Peukert
2021-09-13Fix various mongodb-compass bugsDaniel Peukert
2021-07-03Update all mongodb-compass packagesDaniel Peukert
2021-06-23Update mongodb-compass-beta to 1.27.0-beta.8 and update npm dep versionDaniel Peukert
2021-05-02Update electron6 dep package for mongodb-compassDaniel Peukert
2021-04-18Change mongodb-compass npm version to 6Daniel Peukert
2021-01-12Fix mongodb-compass patch & change mongodb-compass-git version schemeDaniel Peukert
2020-11-12Updated build command and diff for mongodb-compass-gitDaniel Peukert
2020-09-05Fixed mongodb-compass-git pkgdescDaniel Peukert
2020-09-05Updated mongodb-compass env var namingDaniel Peukert
2020-07-08Slightly changed versioning scheme for mongodb-compass-gitDaniel Peukert
2020-05-09Improved mongodb-compass PKGBUILDDaniel Peukert
2020-05-09Added org.freedesktop.secrets as an optdep to mongodb-compassDaniel Peukert