AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-11Upstream update to 100.7.0Doug Newgard
2022-11-05Update to 100.6.1 and cleanupDoug Newgard
2021-12-29Fix package and versionsAyrton Santana
2020-08-21Update to 4.2.8Christoph Bayer
2020-06-03Update to 4.2.7Christoph Bayer
2020-04-27Update to 4.2.6Christoph Bayer
2019-11-19Upstream released 4.2.1.James P. Harvey
2019-08-21Upstream released 4.2.0.James P. Harvey
2019-08-21Upstream released 4.0.12.James P. Harvey
2019-07-25Upstream released 4.0.11.James P. Harvey
2019-07-25Upstream released 4.0.10.James P. Harvey
2019-04-13Upstream released 4.0.9.James P. Harvey
2019-03-30Upstream released 4.0.8.James P. Harvey
2019-03-26Upstream released 4.0.7.James P. Harvey
2019-03-05Patch upstream's code to be compatible with go 2:1.12, added to repos 5 days ...James P. Harvey
2019-02-27Set environment variables in 'build()', where they're used, so running PKGBUI...James P. Harvey
2019-02-20Upstream released 4.0.6. Remove 'disable-sslv3.patch' that was last used in ...James P. Harvey
2019-02-15Moved from [community]Felix Yan