AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-28Setup nvcheckerCaleb Maclennan
2024-01-23Moonray (#71)adro79
2023-12-26Deleted Houdini env var since doesn't workadro79
2023-12-26Replace lib64 for libadro79
2023-12-26Add post_install() hook pregenerating shadersadro79
2023-12-26Basic String fixadro79
2023-12-26Add optdepends on math library and install launcher scriptadro79
2023-12-26Update moonray.patchadro79
2023-12-26Update jsoncpp.patchadro79
2023-12-26Overhaul moonray packaging with dependenciesadro79
2023-08-25upgpkg: moonray Maclennan
2023-08-25Fixup moonray patchesCaleb Maclennan
2023-08-25upgpkg: moonray Maclennan
2023-06-19upgpkg: moonray Maclennan
2023-05-27upgpkg: moonray Maclennan
2023-04-29Update CMakePresets.jsonadro79
2023-04-29Update PKGBUILDadro79
2023-04-29Update PKGBUILDadro79
2023-03-16Fix include paths so openimageio is found, now stuck on pxr againCaleb Maclennan
2023-03-16Flesh out more dependencies up to the next stuck oneCaleb Maclennan
2023-03-16Work and deps and CMake presetsCaleb Maclennan
2023-03-16Downgrade pkgrel to 0 since this was accidentally uploaded prematurelyCaleb Maclennan
2023-03-16upgpkg: moonray-git Maclennan
2023-03-16upgpkg: moonray-git Maclennan
2023-03-16Split package base and gui, deps will be differentCaleb Maclennan
2023-03-16upgpkg: moonray Maclennan
2023-03-16Initial upload: moonray-git Maclennan