AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-23update to v3.5.0Julian Daube
2021-09-15fix broken cd which dependend on pkgversionJulian Daube
2021-09-14down rel back to 1, hopefully noone noticed...Julian Daube
2021-09-14upgrade to v3.4Julian Daube
2021-04-11upgrade to v3.3Julian Daube
2020-12-23upgrade versionJulian Daube
2020-12-02bump pkgrel to force rebuild for python3.9Julian Daube
2020-08-01up package versionJulian Daube
2020-05-15fix download linkJulian Daube
2020-05-03upgrade to v3.0.0Julian Daube
2016-02-15upped to version 2.0.2, added sha1sumsJulian Daube
2015-08-26updated to version 2.0.1Julian Daube
2015-07-24initial commitjoposter