AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-15up version, small changes to PKGBUILDJulian Daube
2020-05-02removed patch; was applied upstreamJulian Daube
2020-04-07upgrade to python3Julian Daube
2019-01-16update srcinfoJulian Daube
2019-01-16add git to makedependsJulian Daube
2016-02-15fixed little typo in conflicts array, upped versionJulian Daube
2015-08-26upped version number and added >=1.0 dependency for mopidyJulian Daube
2015-07-24fixed mistake: provices and conflicts showed same package namejoposter
2015-07-24PKGBUILD now complies AUR Package Standardjoposter
2015-07-24initial commitjoposter