AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-21Update to 10.1.1.Maximilian Stahlberg
2022-09-11Update to 10.0.20.Maximilian Stahlberg
2021-09-20Update to 9.3.6.Maximilian Stahlberg
2021-01-27Update to 9.2.36 and remove dependency on and support for Python 2.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-12-03Update to 9.2.29.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-02-22Update to 9.2.0.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-02-09Update to 9.1.12.Maximilian Stahlberg
2020-01-20Update to 9.1.11.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-10-29Update to 9.1.5.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-10-22Update to 9.1.3.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-07-01Install libcilkrts shipped by MOSEK.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-06-27Update to 9.0.96.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-06-20Update to 9.0.94.Maximilian Stahlberg
2019-05-21Update to 9.0.88.Maximilian Stahlberg
2018-11-20Update to Stahlberg
2018-03-27Update to Stahlberg
2017-10-25Add two missing shared libraries.Maximilian Stahlberg
2017-10-24Include Python bindings and restructure the package.Maximilian Stahlberg
2017-10-19Update to Rosen
2016-07-17bump mosek to 7.1Ido Rosen
2014-08-31mosek: updated to Rosen
2013-10-30Moved all AUR packages into 'aur' directory.Ido Rosen