AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-22Update to version 1.8.1-4GP
2023-11-27Update to version 1.8.1-3GP
2023-08-07Update to version 1.8.1-2GP
2023-05-31Update to version 1.8.1-1GP
2021-10-23Update to version 1.8.0-0GP
2021-10-18Update to version 1.7.0-5GP
2021-08-31Update to version 1.7.0-4GP
2021-08-24Update to version 1.7.0-3GP
2021-08-13Update to version 1.7.0-2GP
2021-07-12Checksum for tar.gz changed to SKIPGP
2021-06-25Checksum updateGP
2021-06-25Update to version 1.7.0-1GP
2021-06-11Checksum updateGP
2021-05-25Update to version 1.7.0-0GP
2021-04-15Checksum updateGP
2021-04-06Checksum updateGP
2021-02-13Checksum updateGP
2021-02-13Update to version 1.6.0-12GP
2021-02-11Initial version: 1.6.0-11GP