AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-06updated to 20230107Ethan Kerrick
2022-10-29updated mozc-dict to 20221022Ethan Kerrick
2022-10-27update to fix git updateEthan Kerrick
2022-09-04updated to 20220904Ethan Kerrick
2022-07-23updated mozc-dict to 20220723Ethan Kerrick
2022-07-11forgot to increase pkgrel after removing sumsEthan Kerrick
2022-07-10forgot to remove the sha1sums for the removed patchsEthan Kerrick
2022-07-09removed patches as they are no longer neededEthan Kerrick
2022-06-26updated mozc-dict 20220623Ethan Kerrick
2022-06-03updated mozc_dict to 20220525 and updated url for protobufEthan Kerrick
2022-04-23updated mozc-dict to 20220423Ethan Kerrick
2022-04-05updated mozc dictionary to 20220403Ethan Kerrick
2022-03-06updated mozc-dict, fixed patchEthan Kerrick
2022-03-05fixed android-fix.patchEthan Kerrick
2022-02-28forgot to update relverEthan Kerrick
2022-02-28fixed android patchEthan Kerrick
2022-02-18updated mozc-ut-dict to 20220216Ethan Kerrick
2022-02-13added python-six dependencyEthan Kerrick
2022-02-07bumped mozcdic-ut to 20220206Ethan Kerrick
2022-02-01android fix for bazel 5.0.0Ethan Kerrick
2022-01-20fixed folder structure should use symlinkEthan Kerrick
2022-01-19changed build system, removed old patches, and updated versionsEthan Kerrick
2021-01-13Added zinnia to makedependsOrangeJuicelol
2020-12-30Fix srcOrangeJuicelol
2020-12-30Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-12-10Adding emacs packageOrangeJuicelol
2020-12-10Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-11-10Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-10-16Added gyp to makedependsOrangeJuicelol
2020-10-08Remove usage_dict patchOrangeJuicelol
2020-10-04Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-07-20Fixing python dependencyOrangeJuicelol
2020-07-20Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-07-16Update md5 checksumsOrangeJuicelol
2020-07-06Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-07-06Update UT dictOrangeJuicelol
2020-06-26Fixing pkgverOrangeJuicelol
2020-06-26Initial commitOrangeJuicelol