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2016-11-17restructure paragraphsXZS
To improve readability, related functionality should be kept together, while different section are separated by multiple newlines.
2016-10-31model compatibility by defaultXZS
Despite the information given out via the API, Firefox actually permits installation of some extensions reported incompatible, which then work fine. This is because Firefox' internal mechanism determines that these extensions should be compatible by itself and subsequently refrains from even querying the API to begin with. The version range in the depends array should reflect this. The new condition set models how Firefox and Thunderbird decide compatibility to smoothen future updates.
2016-10-31propagate upstream updateXZS
The extension is now multi-process compatible, filled in more functionality of the password storage interface and can handle passwords with special characters. The documentation was also improved.
2016-09-22support arbitrary integrity checksXZS
The git-makepkg-templates switched to dynamic adaptation to integrity checks chosen in makepkg.conf. [1] The default checksums chosen reflect recommendations from the Arch Linux Wiki and manual pages. [2] [1]: [2]:
2016-05-11follow project renameXZS
The GitHub repository was renamed, which changes the URL. While the old one still redirects to the correct location, adapting makes it future and fork proof. As this is only relevant for future installations, a pkgrel increment is not necessary.
2016-05-11remove duplicate relationsXZS
Since the commit "correct package relations", these are already included in the respective Firefox and Thunderbird split packages. There, they are placed more sensibly, as the base Mozilla package does neither yet block the installation of nor provides an Add-On for any specific application. As this paves the way to install variants of the Add-On side-by-side, a pkgrel increment ships out this new possibility.
2016-05-11remove nonexistent package relationsXZS
Neither the *-bin packages nor the non-suffixed variant exist in AUR4. Enough time has passed that any leftover installation should be outdated and incompatible so that they are not relevant for an update any longer. This only affects relations to no longer preset packages, which will not disturb existing installations, so they do not need to be triggered to update with a pkgrel increment.
2016-04-22also move down hidden filesXZS
This keeps the git directory in place so that the pkgver function yields correct numbers afterwards.
2016-04-22exclude hidden filed in subdirectoriesXZS
Despite the wild card * not coping hidden files, this does not exclude such in subdirectories. A reliable method to exclude files by a pattern like "starting with a dot" would be rsync. But to not pull it in as an additional dependency, copy and find are preferred.
2016-04-20leave git directory beXZS
The package version function for all templates including source-git-plain broke since pacman reversed the order in which pkgver and prepare are run. The commit "run pkgver() in srcdir" partially restored it to a working state in which the version number was found. However, since the prepare function still removed the git directory, no revision number and commit hash could be appended in the pkgver function running afterwards. Now that the git directory does not not end up in the package any more because of the recent exclusion of hidden files from installation, it can be left present for the pkgver function to use without containing any further process.
2016-04-20omit hidden filesXZS
Hidden files are normally only used to manage the source code of the extension. They are not needed in and have no direct relation to the compiled package and can thus be left out safely. At this moment, there are no hidden files in this extension. So this change happens just in anticipation to future additions and not raising the need to increment the pkgrel.
2016-04-14clean duplicate newlineXZS
No semantical break is intended to be indicated here.
2016-03-23remove mksrcinfo headerXZS
This reverts "add mksrcinfo header". The .SRCINFO is now generated by "makepkg --printsrcinfo" which does no longer include any header since commit f63854f [1], released with pacman version 5.0.1. [1]:
2016-03-05run pkgver() in srcdirXZS
Since pacman version 5.0.1, prepare() runs before pkgver(). Restoring the function to a working state actually saves a directory change as they now find the sources already moved down.
2016-02-07version provided non-git variantXZS
Other packages usually depend on the package without any -git suffix. This makes it possible to als satisfy these dependency requirements when they target specific versions or version ranges.
2016-01-08switch back to original sourceXZS
With the newest release, the original maintainer has now tested the extension with the current Firefox version and decided to declare it as compatible, eliminating the reason to source from a fork. Switching back makes the package incorporate upstream updates again.
2015-12-06add mksrcinfo headerXZS
The new version of mksrcinfo released with the recent update to pkgbuild-introspection adds a header to all .SRCINFO files.
2015-10-15externalize compatible version queryXZS
This makes it easier to switch out the location this information is retrieved from, should there be a more current source to query than the install.rdf file included in the Add-On itself.
2015-09-29switch to fork to restore Firefox compatibilityXZS
The maintainer of the original source, swick, has not yet merged the pull request for Firefox 40 while Firefox 41 is already out. The Add-On seems to work mostly fine with the current version also, so switching to a fork that raising the maxVersion to a ridiculously high 50 should be fine until the original upstream updates.
2015-07-30intital import from old AUR version 3XZS