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2019-01-31Bump to 2.93Mario Finelli
2019-01-31Bump to 2.92aMario Finelli
2018-12-24Bump to 2.91Mario Finelli
2018-10-25Bump to 2.90aMario Finelli
2018-08-10Bump to 2.89aMario Finelli
2018-06-14Bump to 2.88aMario Finelli
2018-04-02Bump to 2.87aMario Finelli
2018-01-28Bump to 2.86Mario Finelli
2017-11-05Bump to 2.85Mario Finelli
2017-08-29Bump to 2.84aMario Finelli
2017-08-25Bump to 2.83Mario Finelli
2017-06-03Bump to 2.82Mario Finelli
2017-03-01Bump to 2.81Mario Finelli
2016-12-28Bump to 2.80Mario Finelli
2016-09-28Update to version 2.79Mario Finelli
2016-08-19Bump to 2.78Mario Finelli
2016-06-06Bump to 2.77Mario Finelli
2016-04-18Bump to version 2.76Mario Finelli
2016-02-28Bump to version 2.75Mario Finelli
2016-01-13Bump to version 2.73Mario Finelli
2015-11-15Bump to version 2.72Mario Finelli
2015-08-10Bump version to 2.71Mario Finelli
2015-06-10Initial importMario Finelli