AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-08Updated to v0.3.2Marius Orcsik
2018-11-18Updated to v0.3.1Marius Orcsik
2018-05-26Update to v0.3.0Marius Orcsik
2018-05-19Adding scdoc for man page generationMarius Orcsik
2018-05-13Updated to v0.2.95. Removed ragel build dependencyMarius Orcsik
2018-05-06Update to v0.2.91Marius Orcsik
2018-05-06Update to v0.2.90Marius Orcsik
2018-04-26Update to v0.2.53Marius Orcsik
2018-04-26Updated source to download to unique file nameMarius Orcsik
2018-04-23Fixed broken releaseMarius Orcsik
2018-04-23Update to v0.2.52 - which fixes memory leaks and crash on exitMarius Orcsik
2018-04-05Update to v0.2.51Marius Orcsik
2018-04-04Updating to v0.2.50Marius Orcsik
2018-03-12Update to v0.2.49Marius Orcsik
2018-02-04Updated to 0.2.48Marius Orcsik
2018-01-20Updated to v0.2.47Marius Orcsik
2018-01-18Update to beta version v0.2.46Marius Orcsik
2018-01-16Updated to pre-release v0.2.45Marius Orcsik
2017-12-12Updated to v0.2.1Marius Orcsik
2017-12-04Updated package descriptionMarius Orcsik
2017-12-04Clean older build directories left by AUR helpersMarius Orcsik
2017-12-03Update to v0.2.0Marius Orcsik
2017-11-29Updated dependencies to remove expat and add json-cMarius Orcsik
2017-11-29Update to alpha version 0.1.99-alphaMarius Orcsik
2017-11-23Fixed build dependenciesMarius Orcsik
2017-11-22Updated to version 0.1.2Marius Orcsik
2017-11-18Update to meson buildMarius Orcsik
2017-11-15Correcting the build step for the systemd unit fileMarius Orcsik
2017-11-15Initial commit for mpris-scrobbler v0.1.0Marius Orcsik