AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysremove dvdread flag (removed upstream)Philip Sequeira
2019-06-08depend on libplacebo for vulkan supportPhilip Sequeira
2018-11-05change shaderc depend to non-git versiongojpdchx
2018-08-19find-deps: use direct path for pythonPhilip Sequeira
2018-08-13fix PKGBUILD file permissionsPhilip Sequeira
2018-08-13download waf as a makepkg sourcePhilip Sequeira
2018-05-30add makedep on pacman-contrib for pactreePhilip Sequeira
2018-05-12bump for ffmpeg 4 hitting reposPhilip Sequeira
2018-01-26add vulkan-headers to makedepends if vulkan.pc is installedPhilip Sequeira
2017-12-05remove ffmpeg-mpv stuffPhilip Sequeira
2017-11-02build against ffmpeg-mpv-git (now co-installable) by defaultPhilip Sequeira
2017-10-30update ffmpeg workaroundPhilip Sequeira
2017-10-27allow building against upstream ffmpeg for nowPhilip Sequeira
2017-10-15add dependency-setting options for vulkan and shadercPhilip Sequeira
2017-09-13version bump for 0.27.0 releasePhilip Sequeira
2017-07-23use mpv's own version script for pkgver()Philip Sequeira
2017-06-23vf-dlopen removedPhilip Sequeira
2017-06-07cplugins no longer disabled by defaultPhilip Sequeira
2017-05-29basic build options systemPhilip Sequeira
2017-04-01reinstate release-based pkgver()Philip Sequeira
2016-06-16remove --enable-gpl3 (soon to be removed upstream)Philip Sequeira
2016-04-27remove dependencies that were only needed for the install filePhilip Sequeira
2016-04-27remove install stuff that is now done by hooksPhilip Sequeira
2016-02-02add armv6h and armv7h architecturesPhilip Sequeira
2016-01-09stop manually installing docsPhilip Sequeira
2016-01-09enable GPL3Philip Sequeira
2015-08-30get rid of release stuff from pkgverPhilip Sequeira
2015-08-20message on first install about installing optional featuresPhilip Sequeira
2015-06-09dependency detection is stable and the old deps are out of datePhilip Sequeira
2015-06-09inital importPhilip Sequeira