AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-15Updated source address because the repository has been renamedJonas Frei
2017-07-20Bump to version v1.0.7Jonas Frei
2017-07-17Fixed path to unpacked archiveJonas Frei
2017-07-17Fixed checksumJonas Frei
2017-07-17Changed repository name on GitLabJonas Frei
2017-07-17Bump to version v1.0.6Jonas Frei
2017-07-14Corrected upstream URLJonas Frei
2017-07-14Updated after chown on GitLabJonas Frei
2017-07-13Fixed installation issueJonas Frei
2017-07-13Switched source from GitHub to GitLabJonas Frei
2017-06-17Using new release 1.0.5Jonas Frei
2017-06-06Bump to 1.0.4Jonas Frei
2017-06-01Corrected checksumJonas Frei
2017-06-01Push to version 1.0.3Jonas Frei
2017-05-31New release v1.0.2Jonas Frei
2017-05-29corrected checksumJonas Frei
2017-05-29corrected small error in URLJonas Frei
2017-05-29Now using release v1.0.1Jonas Frei
2017-05-22Initial commitJonas Frei