AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-23Updated version to 96.0.1028.0Triss Healy
2021-09-29Updated to version 96.0.1028.0Triss Healy
2021-09-09Updated versionTriss Healy
2021-08-14Updated versionTriss Healy
2021-08-08Did not need libxcb explicitlyTriss Healy
2021-08-08CHange opdepends to align with existing package.Triss Healy
2021-08-08Merge changes from betaTriss Healy
2021-08-08Updated providesTriss Healy
2021-08-08Changed optdepends to neater name.Triss Healy
2021-08-08Added libxcb depTriss Healy
2021-08-08Updated .SRCINFOTriss Healy
2021-08-08Updated provides and conflictsTriss Healy
2021-08-08Updated SRCINFOTriss Healy
2021-08-08Passed namcapTriss Healy
2021-08-08Removed unused depsTriss Healy
2021-08-08Renamed to -binTriss Healy
2021-08-08Renamed to -binTriss Healy
2021-08-08Added dev packageTriss Healy
2021-08-08Used parameter for version in URLTriss Healy
2021-08-08Fixed .SRCINFOTriss Healy
2021-08-08Updated URL License termTriss Healy
2021-08-08Changed some google chromeTriss Healy
2021-08-07Renamed to msedgedriverTriss Healy
2021-05-06Update to v90.0.4430.24JunYoung Gwak
2021-03-08Update to v89.0.4389.23JunYoung Gwak
2021-01-23Update to v88.0.4324.96JunYoung Gwak
2021-01-07Update file checksum of v87.0.4280.88JunYoung Gwak
2020-12-03Update to v87.0.4280.88JunYoung Gwak
2020-11-19Update to v87.0.4280.20JunYoung Gwak
2020-10-11Update to v86.0.4240.22JunYoung Gwak
2020-10-05Improved formatting by relrel.JunYoung Gwak
2020-09-23Update .SRCINFO accordingly.JunYoung Gwak
2020-09-23Update chromedriver website.JunYoung Gwak
2020-09-06Update to v85.0.4183.87JunYoung Gwak
2020-08-25Update to v85.0.4183.83JunYoung Gwak
2020-07-15Update to v84.0.4147.30JunYoung Gwak
2020-05-19Update to vv83.0.4103.39 (skipping v82)JunYoung Gwak
2020-05-05Update to v81.0.4044.138JunYoung Gwak
2020-04-07Update to v81.0.4044.69JunYoung Gwak
2020-02-13Update to v80.0.3987.106JunYoung Gwak
2020-02-04Update to v80.0.3987.16JunYoung Gwak
2020-01-06Change download url protocol from http to https.JunYoung Gwak
2019-12-11Update to v79.0.3945.36JunYoung Gwak
2019-11-18Update to v78.0.3904.105JunYoung Gwak
2019-10-22Update to v78.0.3904.70.JunYoung Gwak
2019-09-10Update to v77.0.3865.40JunYoung Gwak
2019-08-20Update to v76.0.3809.126JunYoung Gwak
2019-07-30Update to v76.0.3809.68JunYoung Gwak
2019-07-12Update to v75.0.3770.140JunYoung Gwak
2019-06-13Update to v75.0.3770.90JunYoung Gwak