AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-15Fix of directory permissions was added.Peter Ivanov
2019-02-15Updated to version Ivanov
2018-08-10Release was increased.Peter Ivanov
2018-08-10It could use x86_64 binary when needed.Peter Ivanov
2018-08-10Updated to version Ivanov
2018-03-18Updated to version Ivanov
2017-11-16Updated to version Ivanov
2017-03-05SHA1 sum was updated.Peter Ivanov
2017-03-05Updated to version Ivanov
2016-06-14SRCINFO updated.Peter Ivanov
2016-06-14Dependency for x86_64 was fixed.Peter Ivanov
2016-05-29Updated to version Ivanov
2015-09-25Updated to Ivanov
2015-09-10Updated to Ivanov
2015-07-14Updated to Ivanov
2015-07-03git pre-commit hook was added.Peter Ivanov
2015-06-23Initial importPeter Ivanov