AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-17Update URL and remove i6860x9fff00
2017-11-02Switch to neurobin repository0x9fff00
2017-03-13Fix bug for kernel 4.10 which is due to the WDS being obsoleted.Benjamin Robin
2016-10-20Version 2.3.8: Fix build for kernel 4.8Benjamin Robin
2016-08-17Update to version 2.3.7 compatible with kernel 4.7.xBenjamin Robin
2016-06-18Fix build for kernel >= 4.6.0Benjamin Robin
2016-01-16Version 2.3.5 compatible with kernel 4.4.0Benjamin Robin
2015-09-30Version 2.3.4 compile avec le noyau 4.2Benjamin Robin
2015-07-12Update the driver to version 2.3.3 from gitBenjamin Robin
2015-06-19Update the source to 2.3.2Benjamin Robin
2015-06-14Use the source from Robin
2015-06-14Copied from AUR 3Benjamin Robin
2015-06-14Copied from AUR 3 : with rm-orig-module.shBenjamin Robin