AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-11Update srcinfoDanny Grove
2022-04-11Bump to v0.16.0Danny Grove
2020-11-13Bump to v0.15.0Danny Grove
2020-11-13Add zsh, bash and fish completionDanny Grove
2020-11-13Bump to v0.14.4Danny Grove
2020-11-01Bump to v0.14.3Danny Grove
2020-10-29Bump to 0.14.2Danny Grove
2020-10-26v0.14.1Danny Grove
2020-10-18v0.14.0Danny Grove
2020-06-12v0.13.0Danny Grove
2020-06-12v0.12.0Danny Grove
2019-11-07Bump to v0.11.0 for SRCINFODanny Grove
2019-11-07Bump to v0.11.0Danny Grove
2019-06-30Add python-setuptools-scm, remove extra source, comment on PGP keyDanny Grove
2019-06-29Add mtls@v0.10.4 to aurDanny Grove